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Power Food, Red Ginseng

Red ginseng is made for the purpose of storing ginseng for a long period of time, and it goes through steaming and drying processes to lower the moisture content to 14% and becomes brown and hard during the drying process. Dried red ginseng can be stored for up to 20 years. The longer the red ginseng is grown, the more distinctive the aroma becomes, and at the same time, it is superior in terms of efficacy. White ginseng, which is simply dried ginseng, contains a large amount of saponin in its epidermis, and its content is lowered by peeling during processing. Red ginseng contains a large amount of saponin by processing the skin, and maltol and various amino acids, Organic fatty acids, etc., are newly formed, but its content is increased several times, and long-term preservation is possible due to the luxurious action of terephthalate starch during the steaming process. The effects of typical red ginseng can help improve blood circulation through restoring fatigue, improving immunity, inhibiting platelet aggregation, and saponin ingredients in red ginseng dissolve fat to help out the body, and is also effective in diet.

TC Concrete Crusher

TC series are perfectly designed for primary crushing. Interchangeable Jaws deliver outstanding productivity in variety of applications. Twin pins and large bore twin cylinder gives wide jaw opening, exceptional crushing force and balance to the carrier. Three Jaw types currently available.

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World Heavy Industry has paid an attention to high standard quality during the designing and manufacturing of all products. Our highly qualified staff with long term experience provides accurate and reliable serviceand solutions to the customers. 


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