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Mild Korean Red Ginseng Drink Gold 

No additives, pure red ginseng undiluted solution 

Sammahol Mild Korean Red Ginseng Drink Gold of Hyolim is a product made with 100% domestic red ginseng that has been processed in Hyolim company and has been dignified for a long time, so you can feel the unique flavor and rich taste of red ginseng. This product is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy a drink rather than the thickness of concentrate product. 

    Packing : 80ml x 30ea 

TC Concrete Crusher

TC series are perfectly designed for primary crushing. Interchangeable Jaws deliver outstanding productivity in variety of applications. Twin pins and large bore twin cylinder gives wide jaw opening, exceptional crushing force and balance to the carrier. Three Jaw types currently available.

The Quality

World Heavy Industry has paid an attention to high standard quality during the designing and manufacturing of all products. Our highly qualified staff with long term experience provides accurate and reliable serviceand solutions to the customers. 


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